An Independent Day School for Students in Grades 6 Through 12

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    Dylan Fanburg

    The Faces of Derryfield


    Hometown: Bedford

    Grade: 11

    DS Interests: Theatre and Soccer
    Discovered at DS: I found out that it was really easy to make new friends.

    At Derryfield, students are coaxed to do their best without the school feeling like a pressure cooker. The inclusivity creates comfort and growth, and that results in students who truly enjoy being at school.

    Jared Hardner

      Derryfield is a small school that acts big. It’s a school that encourages our students to aim high, but also instills values of compassion and empathy and hard work.

      Brandon Gauthier, Ph.D.
      Director Of Global Education

        Derryfield students feel supported, loved, and cheered on. They also know they have teachers at-the-ready to help them troubleshoot and move forward when they get stuck.

        Lindley Shutz
        Associate Head of School

          Derryfield is a school where every child is known and cared for, where the academic and co-curricular programs inspire and prepare students for college and beyond, where the character of our students is as important as their academic achievement, and where as a result every member of this community grows and thrives.

          Andy Chappell
          Head of School

            The Derryfield School does a good job of “seeing” the whole student, and frankly, the whole family.

            Tara Benson