Academic Vision at The Derryfield School

Academic Vision


In year one we looked closely at our teaching practice through the lens of 21st century skills: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

In year two we focused on our academic program, asking ourselves the following questions: how can we best prepare our students for college and the world beyond? What skills and experiences do we want to ensure our students have when they graduate? And how can we enhance student health and wellbeing to optimize learning? This led to the creation of our Academic Program Vision, which includes the development of our Advanced Topics courses; new required courses in Computer Science, Visual Foundations, and Leadership, Ethics & Development (LEAD); and an emphasis on problem-solving and communication skills.

In this third year, our goals have been to develop a new schedule to best serve our students and to prepare to teach in the new schedule – one that includes 75 minute classes that meet every other day. We know that the deep learning of skills and content occurs through multiple modes of experience, and is enhanced by student choice, engagement with the real-world, and time given for reflection.