Andrew Leblanc

Andrew Leblanc 21

Settling upon MIT was initially a big, scary decision for me, but the process became easier with a bit of research. Crucial in my decision was the wealth of resources I’ll have there. The students, professors, alumni network, labs, and maker spaces are second to none at MIT. Equally important was the culture. At many competitive universities, you’ll find a cut-throat, competitive sort of environment, but no one I’ve spoken to has said such about MIT. Everyone there is in it together, helping to push each other up rather than simply outperforming them.

Derryfield was an excellent resource in navigating what is an undoubtedly intimidating process. They started us off early in the spring of our junior year—a time when a lot of high school students aren’t even thinking about college yet. My essay coaching was fantastic in that it was individual, specific, and really honest. It’s a great feeling to have someone just as invested in producing good writing as you are. Finally, Derryfield is encouraging. I wasn’t even going to apply to MIT going into senior year, as I thought it was completely out of my reach. I’m immensely thankful for all of the gentle nudges from my advisors, teachers, and coaches that resulted in the best outcome I could have asked for.