Xiaoyue (Zoe) Guo

Zoe Guo

Upon leaving Derryfield, international alum Xiaoyue (Zoe) Guo ‘17 left the small town environment of Derryfield for a big-city life at New York University. Guo was an active member of the debate club and worked to take advantage of living in NYC. She recalled striking up conversations with people in Washington Square Park, idly strolling the city, and exploring new restaurants and bars. Guo has just graduated from NYU with a BA in philosophy and a minor in history. She is now working on law school applications and hopes to begin her studies in the fall of 2021. In the meantime, she will continue interning at Beijing Tiantai Law Firm. Guo is interested in environmental preservation and has plans to go into environmental and international law. She has worked as an intern at the China Ministry of Environmental Protection in the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, the World Wildlife Foundation, and SynTao Green Finance. Guo has fond memories of Derryfield, particularly of her global trip to Nepal and Mr. Berk’s history class.