College Connections at The Derryfield School


The college search and application process is one that is ripe with opportunity for self-discovery and growth. We encourage students to identify their strengths and interests and to develop skills of self-advocacy and independence. We work individually with students and their families to think big, plan ahead, and find a college fit that will meet their wants and needs. Every fall, over a hundred colleges and universities visit Derryfield’s campus to meet the young men and women who will bring intellectual engagement, positive citizenship, and unique talents to their school communities. Each student has a story to tell and we help them find and share their voice. This is the Derryfield advantage.

Barnard students


Derryfield is excited to announce that Director of College Counseling Brennan Barnard has earned a one-year, grant-funded appointment as College Admissions Program Manager for Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Making Caring Common Project. Mr. Barnard has led the Derryfield College Counseling Office for the past ten years and will continue to do so during this temporary partnership. In this role he will help coordinate the project’s initiatives to encourage ethical engagement, reduce achievement pressure, and increase access in college admission.

Started in 2013, the vision of the Making Caring Common project is “a world in which children learn to care about others and the common good, treat people well day to day, come to understand and seek fairness and justice, and do what is right even at times at a cost to themselves. We believe that young people with these capacities will become community members and citizens who can strengthen our democracy, mend the fractures that divide us, and create a more caring, just world.”

Derryfield Athletes

Competing at the Next Level

While establishing a strong foundation for lifelong fitness habits is a core objective of the Derryfield athletic program, coaches are always thrilled to work with talented and committed athletes who aim to compete in their sport at the highest level. Often, this involves committing to a university program as part of the admission process. So far this year, Derryfield has five seniors who have signed letters of intent with university programs. Not only is this an exciting moment for these student athletes to look to the future, it is also an opportunity for them to pause and reflect with pride on the hard work that has brought them so far. We wish all these athletes continued success as they compete at the next level.

Lindsey Wagner: Yale University (swimming)
John Anderson: Providence College (lacrosse)
Max Horton: Hobart College (lacrosse)
Jonny MacLean: Monmouth University (lacrosse)
Jakob Murray: Ohio State University (gymnastics)