Creating a Culture that Embraces Equity & Belonging

Derryfield approaches equity and belonging with both ambition and humility. Students are encouraged to voice their opinions, to share their lived experiences, to question assumptions, to research others’ perspectives, to listen with a goal to understand, and to be inquisitive about the world around them. They are also empowered to express themselves and to bring their authentic selves to all that they do.

Derryfield Students Interlocked

Fostering Leadership in Every Student

Cultivating compassion alongside academic knowledge has been central to Derryfield since its founding. Through the program, Leadership for the Common Good, all Derryfield students in grades 6-12 explore the meaning and practice of leadership in our Leadership, Ethics and Development (LEAD) classes, as well as through a variety of extracurricular activities, including national and local workshops, mentorship opportunities, and Derryfield’s own Leadership Summer Institute. By promoting greater self-awareness, strengthening character, and understanding and exercising influence, the program aims to develop students as modern leaders who are capable of making sustainable change and improvements in their own communities. 

Global Trips and Intercultural Competencies

Global Education at The Derryfield School fosters a passion in young people for thinking critically about the rapidly evolving global and intercultural dynamics of the 21st century. Students learn to understand competing arguments about the complex global system, assess how context and identity shape perspectives, reflect on their own cultural perspectives, and communicate across cultural divides in a productive manner. They are then given the opportunity to put these new skills into practice by participating in a variety of domestic and international trips and exchanges. Our students have traveled to South Africa, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Germany, England, Vietnam, Washington D.C., to name a few destinations!

Serving the Greater Community

Recognizing that academic achievement without compassion and concern for others is meaningless, we are committed to purposeful involvement in the world outside our school in both the local and the global community. Middle and upper school students have numerous opportunities to become involved in our community; through projects integrated into the curriculum, service days, service to the school, and ongoing opportunities with the middle and upper school service clubs.