Are You Approaching the College Process Correctly?

Applying to colleges can be stressful. Here at Derryfield, our counselors work hard to take some of the stress out of it. We’ve put together a detailed PDF to give you some helpful tips on how to approach the admission process. Take the next steps on your college journey and get our detailed PDF below by filling out our short form.

How to Avoid Turning the College Admission Process intoThe Hunger Games

Get some inside knowledge from Brennan Barnard about the College Admission Process. Brennan has 20 years of experience counseling students and has witnessed first hand how times have changed, and not for the best. College applications are increasing each year accompanied by sinking admission rates, high-stakes testing, and rising tuition costs. Brennan goes over how he deals with the rising issues students most commonly encounter when dealing with the admission process and the ways the counseling staff at Derryfield helps students through this process.

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