Navigating With and Supporting Transgender Students

Alex Myers, a writer, teacher, and speaker will be the featured presenter during the March Professional Development days. He will be speaking with Derryfield faculty about navigating with and supporting transgender students within the independent school experience.

Myers is an English teacher, writer, and educator of students and adults. He has worked in high schools for 19 years, spending three years at the Community Schools of Naples, Florida, seven years at St. George’s School in Middletown, Rhode Island, and seven years at Phillips Exeter Academy. He is also the author of several novels, nonfiction books, and essays. His works include the novel Revolutionary, a Lambda Literary Award finalist; The Symmetry of Stars; and Supporting Transgender Students: Understanding Gender Identity and Reshaping School Culture.

Born and raised in Paris, Maine, Myers was raised as a girl (Alice) and left Maine to attend boarding school at Phillips Exeter Academy. At Exeter he came out as transgender, returning his senior year as a man after attending for three years as a woman, and was the first transgender student in that Academy’s history. After Exeter, Myers earned his bachelor’s at Harvard University, studying Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. He was also the first openly transgender student at Harvard and worked to change the University’s nondiscrimination clause to include gender identity. Subsequent to earning a master’s degree in religion at Brown University, Myers pursued a career in teaching English at secondary schools.  He completed his MFA in fiction writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts, where he began his work on Revolutionary.

In June of 2022, Myers was named the director of the Mountain School of Milton Academy. The Mountain School is a semester program for high school juniors located on a hilltop farm in Vershire, Vermont.


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